WAPI – Send personalized messages

Send text messages to your clients by Whatsapp in an easy and safe way.

  • Import name, phone numbers from a CSV
  • Custom message, based on custom fields.
  • Add emojis in the message.
  • message formatting, italics, bold, strikethrough, monospace
  • Attach WhatsApp contacts.
  • Attach image, video and audio.
  • Attach PDF, ZIP, RAR and other files.
  • Add a description of the attachment.
  • Program the delay time between one message and another.
  • Prepare button to check for errors.
  • Button to stop and pause shipments.
  • Shipping report preview.
  • Notification of future updates.

It works with the google chrome browser and whatsapp web.

We do not encourage mass messaging, or anything that goes against the policies of WhatsApp Inc.

Please do not use this tool for SPAM or mass marketing, they are strictly prohibited and you risk having your WhatsApp account suspended by WhatsApp Inc.

WAPI is a tool for communication with friends, family and clients, it is developed solely for personal use / official business use and not for any type of mass messaging.

Support and Help: creativoslat@gmail.com

WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc. , registered in the U.S. and other countries. This Chrome extension is not endorsed or certified by WhatsApp Inc. This is an unofficial enhancement for WhatsApp Web.

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